soulcage – NUL.

soulcage – NUL.

lyrics: HIZUMI – music: 岸利至 (Toshiyuki Kishi)
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English Translation


Ah, it is coming, a night cold as ice.
Ah, I can’t see through the pitch-black,
crushed by the sky.

Another violent beat wasted by this heart;
looks like the pitiful little bird
is just breathing on loop.

I can never dream inside this birdcage;
I cry and cry, and all I have left is
my heart in a distorted condition.
Inside the dark clouds, I held out my hand,
but I could only grasp the air and loneliness.
The dawn hasn’t come yet,
I can’t get out of my soul cage.

Again, the second hand won’t disappear,
the night approaches.
Again, dreams eating my dreaming,
lazily melting me into imperfection.

The meaning of life, the reason for my existence,
I struggle and writhe but an answer doesn’t appear,
my heart is confused.
I have no way to defend myself just by running away,
and covered in wounds I wish, screaming.
To the superb view at the end of the night,
I’ll throw this body, let it melt,
let it fall, let it be invaded …

I kept crying inside this prison with no answers.
In opposition to the feeling of surrender,
my pounding heart;
is the dawn coming?
Dragging myself, come on,
I’ll cross the border of my soul cage.

I decided to break my soulcage
To you who are trapped in a soulcage



Ah koori no you tsumetai yoru ga otozureru
Ah makkurade mienai sora ni oshitsubusarete

Mata haato no mudazukai abarenai kodou utsu
Tada ruupu no ikizukai awarena kotori da ne

Yume nado misenai torikago no naka
naite naite nokosareta no wa
iganda kokoro moyou
Yamikumo no naka te wo nobashiteiru
tsukameta no wa kuuki to kodoku dake
Mada yoake wa konai
nukedasenai sooru keiji

Mata byoushin ga kienai
yoru ga otozureru
Mata yumekui ga yumemiru
kedarui fukanzen ni tokete

Ikiteiru imi mo sonzai riyuu sae mo
mogaite agaite umareenu kotae ni
kokoro wa tomadou
Nigeru koto de shika mamoru sube ga nakute
kizudarake de negai, sakenda
Zekkei no yoru no hate e
kono mi wo toujite tokashite
otoshite okashite…

Kotae no denai rougoku de nakitsuzuketeita
Akirame no omoi urahara ni myakuutsu kodou
yoake wa kuru no ka?
Agake saa
kyoukaisen wo koete sooru keiji

I decided to break my soulcage
To you who are trapped in a soulcage



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Translation and romaji by me. Please don’t claim as yours. Credit if you use.

English is not my first language, feel free to let me know if there is any mistake.

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