Thank you for choosing my work, I highly appreciate it! ♥
Please, read my policy to be able to respect and support my work if you really like and appreciate it.
[I’m sorry I had to make a more stricter policy because of someone being very disrespectful towards my work]

 – Can I use your work?
You can use my translations (and romaji) ONLY for personal use and personal projects and ONLY with credits (a working link to this blog). (Same for any other content made by me, like scans, photos, reviews…)
You MUST ask for permission first, anyway.

– What do you mean by “personal projects”?
-You can use part of one (or more) of my translations for your account’s bio and small things like that (only in this case, you don’t have to put credits or ask for permission, though I’d appreciate if you managed to at least let me know about it);
-You can use my translations to translate the lyrics in other languages (must use credits);
-You can include my translations in your videos (must use credits), but NOT in their caption;
…For any other different use, you must talk to me about it first (write a comment here, or on the translation you need, or find me on my twitter).

– What about “lyricstranslate” and other sites like that?
You CAN’T copy my translations there. I don’t allow it anymore. If you did it before my new policy, I won’t ask to remove every single translation (unless I clearly message you about it), though I’d really appreciate if you did. (Also I may decide to contact the staff of the site in question to remove them)

– How do requests work?
You’ll find everything about requests and how they work HERE.

– Can I talk to you on Twitter?
Absolutely yes! I’ll be happy to reply as soon as I have time. My twitter is: glitter_ark
However, requests on twitter are no longer accepted.

That’s all for now.
Please, be respectful of other translators’ work as well! Each translation take us a lot of time and effort, and remember we’re doing this for you too, so please be kind!

2 Responses to FAQ

  1. Okashi Nara says:

    May I talk to you by e-mail? I don’t have Twitter. I may ask some questions there (might need some screenshots as well).


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