I’m accepting requests. (Lyrics translations only)

If the translation is already available somewhere else I’m not taking your request, sorry. (I may provide the link to the translation, though)

-You can ask up to 5 translations at a time
-You can ask me to translate a full album if it contains less than 10 songs

-Just ONE request at a time, for now, please.
When I’m done with your request you can ask for one more translation.
-Please, request jrock/visual kei artists only.
-I can translate only if there’re kanji lyrics available.
-I gladly do translations in my free time , so please understand that each translation may take a few days.

Add a comment below for your request. ♥

Please, remember: English is not my first language so I apologize in advance for any mistake. I’ll try to do the best job I can, though!




19 Responses to Requests

  1. Andrew B says:

    Can you translate Someday – MY FIRST STORY?

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  2. Andrew says:

    Thank You for the Someday translation!! Can you translate Dear Me – BACK-ON?

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  3. Andrew says:

    Can you translate Still – My First Story? (I would really appreciate it ^_^ )

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  4. Andrew says:

    Can you translate SPYAIR’s new song “Be with”?

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  5. Hi! I really like your translations!
    Could you translate the songs from the album “IDEAL” from A9 ???

    Here they are in kanjis, but I would like to read them in romaji and english. Thanks in advance! greetings!

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  6. Andrew says:

    Could you translate “Separate Way” by w-inds? Also thank you for all of your translations thus far 🙂

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  7. Andrew says:

    Can you translate:

    Take It Back!! – MY FIRST STORY
    21 Miles – MY FIRST STORY
    Deserve – MY FIRST STORY
    メルヘンとグレーテル – RADWIMPS?

    I really appreciate your work ^_^

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  8. In the パラレルワールド says:

    Can i request アルルカン’s 拒絶? Thank you!

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  9. Andrew says:

    Can you please translate these two songs?
    アンチクローン – Radwimps
    I want a place – SPYAIR

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