SHOXX 284 – October 2016

Right after I ordered SHOXX 284, I got the (bad) news that publisher Ongakusenkasha was over. Well… pretty sad. At least I have my precious October 2016 issue!

You can buy it HERE (@ CdJapan) …until it goes out of print, of course

Minolta DSC

Magazine + poster + a tiny photo

Awkward NIGHTMARE’s side project Sendai Kamatsu (仙台貨物) is on the cover… I didn’t buy the magazine for them, but well, they’re hilarious and I’ve made my mom laugh a lot.

Poster close-up:

Minolta DSC

Tag yourself, I’m Satty looking in the distance

Tiny photo close-up:

Minolta DSC

I should say I love it

Real talk, now! I bought it mostly because of A9, MEJIBRAY (MiA x meto/メト) and Pentagon (ペンタゴン), but there’re so many cool visual-kei bands and that made me so happy! I’m really sad that its publisher is gone, because I’d say SHOXX is so far my favorite visual-kei magazine /cries

Here’s two pics from A9 and MiA x meto pages—
Minolta DSCMinolta DSC

You can find amazing scans of the MiA x meto photoset  @ [1 | 2]

Since I didn’t find them anywhere else, I took scans of Kiryu (己龍) and Pentagon (click on the pics to see them bigger)

Kiryu’s 黒崎眞弥 (Mahiro Kurosaki) x 一色日和 (Hiyori Isshiki) x 遠海准司 (Junji Tokai)
kiryu01 kiryu00
kiryu02 kiryu03

Pentagon (ペンタゴン)
pentagon01 pentagon02

That’s all!
You can use my scans and pics, but PLEASE ASK PERMISSION FIRST or at least GIVE ME CREDITS (link to this post/blog)
No need to credit if you use them for making icons for your personal use (e.g twitter/facebook/line…)

If you have something to say, just leave a comment, I’d appreciate it.
Bye! ♥


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