lyrics and music: ミヤ (Miya)
Single: GONER/WORLD (2021)

Listen on Spotify: GONER/WORLD

English Translation



Hello. In a dream, I saw a tank with no water
overflowing with an ashen rainbow.
Come on, let’s sink into it.

Oh I’m GONER – in the dark sky
Oh I’m GONER – shining despair.

The future is an arrow
shot into a broken world (narrow hope)

We’re just like naked babies abandoned
in an empty wilderness,
yeah, speaking figuratively,
that’s how we look like.

Oh I’m GONER – in a blue world,
there’s no more love: a dead future.

If I started walking, maybe I would end up loving
that ashen rainbow, the shining despair.

These days one and all, even you, get manipulated
by unfounded ways of thinking,
we can’t help but PAY, laughing
with an ineluctable future on our backs.
Who will I protect, with who will I fight?
In this chaos of correct and incorrect,
are we going to keep living not knowing the answer?
Hello to the shining world.

Oh I’m GONER – in the dark sky
Oh I’m GONER – a dead future.

If I painted the ashen rainbow
WHY GONER – maybe it would shine.

We are GONER




Hello mizu no nai suisou ga
haiiro no niji de afureru yume wo mita
Saa oboremashou

Oh I’m GONER kurai sora wo
Oh I’m GONER kagayaku zetsubou

arrow mirai
kowareta sekai ni oshikomare (narrow kibou)

Nani mo nai kouya ni hadaka de
suterareta akago no you sa
marude bokura
tatoerunara sou marude

Oh I’m GONER sekai no ao
mou ai mo nani mo nai shinda mirai wo

Arukidaseba haiiro no niji wo
aiseru kamo kagayaku zetsubou wo

Dare mo kare mo kimi mo konkyo no nai shikou ni
furimawasaretsuzuketeru hibi ga
kekkyoku PAY shiyouganee
aragaenu mirai seotte waratteru
Dare wo mamotte dare to tatakau?
Seikai fusekai no konton no naka
wakannee kotae wo sagashitsuzukete ikiteyuku?
Hello kagayaku sekai no

Oh I’m GONER kurai sora wo
Oh I’m GONER shinda mirai wo

Nuritsubuseba haiiro no niji ga
WHY GONER kagayaku kamo

We are GONER



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Translation and romaji by me. Please don’t claim as yours. Credit if you use.

English is not my first language, feel free to let me know if there is any mistake.


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