in all weathers – sukekiyo

in all weathers – sukekiyo

lyrics and music: 京 (kyo)
Album: IMMORTALIS (2014)
Listen on Spotify: IMMORTALIS

English Translation

in all weathers

Wings of temptation cut the wind, stealing my heart away.
Weakness makes me look back a second time,
to those two flapping wings carrying hope.

The town glows with seven colours
and no scent…

With both my scratched, shivering hands
I mix wet paints in secret.

In the sky, I put the four seasons
that had disappeared.

Choosing tomorrow on the ditch water’s mouth,
the ants gather with their blind fairness. Savage.

Did you fall in a dream, Alice? Not at all.

Amidst heavy rain, I put both my hands
against the wall even today.
Flowing everyday, we give the name of love
to this life with no scent.


in all weathers

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in all weathers

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Translation by me. Please don’t claim as yours. Credit if you use.

English is not my first language, feel free to let me know if there is any mistake.

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