good trip – xTRiPx

good trip – xTRiPx

lyrics: Yo-shiT – music: xTRiPx
single: good trip (2015)

English translation

good trip

time goes on
Just like during the trips we made together,
let’s stand by each other, from now on.
Let’s meet again.
I won’t say goodbye
Just like the old days, let’s look far away!
good trip

That day you knew things I didn’t know yet,
and longing for the sound you made, I drew it.

I was hooked by that place, and with my heart
I decided that I wanted to stand there one day.
I listened to the road surmounted by your sound,
and from there I set off.
The wishes, the feelings of the friends
I met along the way, I kept them in my chest.

The world has not changed,
The days have not changed.
At times when you’re about to stop,
seeing a lily blooming on the road
makes your heart warm.
Taking detours for no reason,
that’s how encounters are made.

Let’s meet again.
I won’t say goodbye
A future created by 11 minutes per day.
life goes on
The trips we made together,
I’ll draw each of them, from now on.
I don’t regret losing something important,
as long as someone cries for me when I reach my goal.
That’s the answer: don’t stop walking.
Even after this, the trip will continue.

You knew about the flowing time,
how the mood changes colour with the seasons.
I haven’t lost my way within the deep dream,
I’m approaching its end, with my wet cheeks.

As the world doesn’t change,
we know the days won’t change either.
At times when I’m about to stop,
dreaming next to you makes my heart warm.
The place of your promise,
now is dyeing my journey’s map.

Let’s meet again.
I won’t say goodbye
After the 11 yeas long journey.
life goes on
The vibrating sounds,
I’ll convey each of them, from tomorrow.
I don’t regret losing something important
as long as someone cries for me when I reach my goal.
That’s the answer: don’t stop walking.
Even from now on, the trip will continue.

One should always do one’s best.
to do the best one can for others

good trip
I’m the best, so I’ll surely take a step towards tomorrow,
I’ll reach that place and start from there.
Again with my friends, I’ll get hotter vibes than yesterday.
Remaining connected as we keep running, we’ll end up meeting.
A flight to the final stop of the dream we had.
Looking back at our performance, the improvement is bright.
It’s the proof of our fight against reality,
we’ll use it to create an unknown utopia.

When the dawn comes, that’s where the end of the line is,
(where?) it’s where we’ll leave for our trip.
With the new map of the changing present,
draw your life
Let’s leave behind a variety of colourful flowers.

time goes on
They won’t wither,
they will continue to bloom in your chest.

Let’s meet again.
I won’t say goodbye
The sound of the past draws the distant future.
life goes on
Without anything changing,
resounding even from now on, I wish for eternity.
Didn’t you dream of losing something important?
It’s to meet a smile when you reach your goal.
That’s the answer: a map still unfinished.
Starting tomorrow, you’re going to create it.
Even if the world were to end, I want to sing forever.
have a good trip


good trip

(visit: jrockone)


good trip

(visit: jrockone)

Translation by me. Please don’t claim as yours. Credit if you use.

English is not my first language, feel free to let me know about any mistakes.

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