Killing My Fear – Who-ya Extended

Killing My Fear – Who-ya Extended

lyrics&music: Who-ya Extended
Album: wyxt. (2020)

English Translation

Killing My Fear

I escaped the twisted instant,
fortunately or unfortunately,
and looking down I stand up.
Whenever I shake off my joined hands, I know
the pain of the revolution
can’t be broken by suffering.

Cause I…
get hurt, hurt others, and I just laugh.
I’ll abandon the false voices that piled up and
somehow or other, I’ll go over the passing of time.
The prayers I expressed and the hidden scars,
even my suppressed cries, if only life could melt them,
I wouldn’t need anything else.
killing my fear

To get freedom, you have to verbalize
your mindset; is it how karma works?
Despairs is ripped apart to lit hope,
cases of life.
A virtual image that doesn’t go away.

Cause I…
am disrupted, I satisfy others, then get lost again.
I’ll shake off the comforting voices that are repeated.
I’d rather play in loneliness.
Both the point of return and the destination
will collapse, but if only I could find a new sacrifice
to make up for that, I’d throw everything away.
killing my fear



Killing My Fear

Uzumaita setsuna kou ka
fuko ka tte touhikou sa
utsumuite tachitsukusu
Tsunagatta te wo furiharau tabi ni shitta
kakumei no itami wo
kowasenai kunou

Cause I…
kizutsuite kizutsukete tada waratte
Kasanetsuzuketa itsuwari no koe sutesatte
Douka kizamu toki wo koete
Tsutaeta inori mo kakusareta kizuato mo
saegirareta sakebi sae inochi wo tokasu no nara
nani mo iranai
killing my fear

Jiyuu wo kurau verbalize
shikou habikotta gou ka
tsumazuite miushinau
Kirisaita zetsubou wo kibou e to tomoshita
kakuzen no inochi wo
Hanarenai kyozou

Cause I…
midasarete mitasarete mata mayoutte
Kurikaesareta nagusame no koe furikitte
Isso kodoku ni asobarete
Kaeritsuku saki mo yukisaki mo kuzureteku
tsunagi tomeru tame no gisei wo mata sagasu no nara
subete wo sutete
killing my fear


Killing My Fear

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Translation and romaji by me. Please don’t claim as yours. Credit if you use.

English is not my first language, feel free to let me know if there is any mistake.

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