Synthetic Sympathy – Who-ya Extended

Synthetic Sympathy – Who-ya Extended

lyrics&music: Who-ya Extended
Album: wyxt. (2020)
Anime: サイコパス 3 (Psycho-Pass 3) FIRST INSPECTOR – Opening Theme

English Translation

Synthetic Sympathy

In this world of anonymity,
it’s likely to rain again tonight.
The revolutionaries howling supported by the crowds
looks like something with no polarity.

The agony collapses.
One by one, the dots I stared at,
without connecting them, I erased them,
and a sense of loss filled me up.
Synthetic Sympathy

I want the emotion of this desire of a hug
to be snatched from me.
The sea that could even melt loneliness
remains silent.
The inconvenient freedom turns into an unjustified sin,
it’s going to burst out my eardrums.

I want the sentiment of this desire to be kissed
to be damaged.
The vortex of memory that resonated
destroys time.
Catching the end of the falsehood,
I will open my eyes.

The unnecessary punishment of justice is inexhaustible.
An urge to pass on incitement to hate.
At the end of the abandoned words, there’s inconsistency.

Should I destroy it?
When I perceived it, I felt feverish.
Synthetic Sympathy

I want my ideal to be judged and exposed.
The group of people I took along with me, wounded,
they remain piled up.
I entrusted my choice to the concealed sin
I carry on my back, running beside this hellhole.

It’s an unbearable matter, with no way out.
The log of the renewed truth, I break it.
I will tear down the voice that just provokes anger,
I will tear down that voice.


Romaji [credits: lyrical-nonsense]

Synthetic Sympathy

tokumei no sekai wa konya mo ame moyou
kakumeika no tooboe shiji suru zattou
kyokusei nado attenai you na mono

kuzuresaru kunou
mitsumeta ten to ten wo
musubazu ni keshita
michiru soushitsukan Synthetic Sympathy

hagasaretai hagu saretai kanjou
kodoku sura toketa umi wa mukuchina mama
fujiyuuna jiyuu ga riyuu nakizai to natte
komaku wo saite iku

Sympathy kizutsuketai kisu saretai kanshou
kyoumei shita kioku no uzu toki wo kowase
itsuwari no owari wo tsukande me wo samasu you ni

mihitsu no seisai seigi wa mujinzou
sendou suru zouo tenka suru shoudou
kotoba wo suteta hate no fuseigou

kowashite yuku no?
furetara netsu wo kanjita Synthetic Sympathy

sabakaretai abakaretai risou
hikitsureta mure wa kizu wo kasaneta mama
sentakushi wo takushite kakushita zai wo otte
naraku e sotteiku

Sympathy taerarenai tairo mo nai jishou
koushin sareta shinjitsu no rogu wo kowase
ikari wo karitateru bakari no koe wo sogu you ni
koe wo sogu you ni


Kanji [credits:

Synthetic Sympathy


満ちる喪失感 Synthetic Sympathy

剥がされたい ハグされたい感情
孤独すら溶けた海は 無口なまま
不自由な自由が 理由無き罪(ざい)と成って

Sympathy 傷つけたい キスされたい感傷
共鳴した記憶の渦 時を壊せ
偽りの終わりを掴んで 目を覚ますように

未必の制裁 正義は無尽蔵
煽動する憎悪 転嫁する衝動

触れたら熱を感じた Synthetic Sympathy

裁かれたい 暴かれたい 理想
引き連れた群れは傷を 重ねたまま

Sympathy 耐えられない 退路もない事象
更新された真実の ログを壊せ
怒りを駆り立てるばかりの 声を削ぐように


Translation by me. Please don’t claim as yours. Credit if you use.
English is not my first language, feel free to let me know if there is any mistake.

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