Important changes to the REQUESTS system

Hello guys!
Thank you very much for your continuous support. It means a lot, and I’m really happy to help spreading our love for Japanese music! ♥

Sadly, I must do some changes to the REQUESTS system.

Starting today, you can request only 1 translation at a time. When I’m done with your request, you can ask for one more translation.

Additional translations:
if you want, you can add translations to your request by donating.
For each coffee donated at my ko-fi account, you can add up to 2 additional translations. (make sure to write your request in the donation message!)
For example:
1 coffee = up to 2 additional translations
2 coffees = up to 4 additional translations
…and so on.
Buy Me a Coffee at
Donations for no particular reason/requests are still welcome and very appreciated! ♥

The main reasons for this choice are: my health issues (I have a chronic disease that makes me feel fatigued very easily), my free time (I’m also an amateur artist and writer), and the waiting time between each translation (I just hate to make you wait too much).

I’m really sorry, and I hope you’ll keep choosing my work nonetheless. ♥

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2 Responses to Important changes to the REQUESTS system

  1. Kanade Tachibana says:

    I completely understand your reasons.
    Don’t worry, your translations are worth waiting for.

    I also noticed that you never seem to get your personal queue translated, I hope you can get some time to translate them.

    Also, take care of your health. =)

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    • glitterark says:

      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      I work on my personal queue while I work on requests, slow but steady ^^
      I really appreciate your understanding and concern. Thank you again!

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