J-rock on Spotify

You want to support Japanese artists, but can’t afford buying from Japan?

I always encourage people about buying from CDJapan, because it’s great for overseas fans and I had great experiences with them.
Talking as an European, I’m also grateful that things like JPU Records and Gan Shin exist.

But there’s more we can do for our favourite artists… and it’s free! (or has a low price anyway)
I’m talking about Spotify!
Of course you won’t find any single artist there, but listening to the available ones you will encourage more to use that service. Also, it has a huge impact when lots of people from overseas countries listen to j-rock bands/artists on Spotify, giving better chances for physical releases in your country and world tours!!

May I suggest some good stuff on Spotify:
The recently released
DRIPPING by sleepyhead
(ex-SuG’s Takeru)
Invisible Chaos by Matenrou Opera
Chasing the Horizon – MAN WITH A MISSION
Sang by KAMIJO
Old but gold
Dum Spiro Spero – DIR EN GREY
Zankyou Reference – ONE OK ROCK

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